Learning How to Operate A Car

Operate A Car

The ownership of a car can be a convenient thing for most people, and learning how to drive a car may be an exciting prospect for new learners. In the market today, there are two transmissions that power the car: manual and automatic.

  • Manual transmission
  • Automatic transmission
  • Which is better for you?

Manual transmission

A manual transmission car is much harder to pick up than an automatic one: there are gears to be shifted before and after moving off, a clutch pedal to be aware of, and it requires an excellent coordination to operate it smoothly. It is always wise to engage a driving school in Birmingham to assist you in the learning process.

Automatic transmission

An automatic transmission car requires less footwork and coordination in order to get it going: it just requires your right foot to either step on the accelerator or brakes to move/stop the car.

Which is better for you?

The majority of cars nowadays are fitted with an auto transmission: only a small percentage in the market today are fitted with a manual transmission. A manual transmission car tends to give a higher power output and the fuel consumption is lower than an automatic car. In a traffic jam, driving an automatic car would definitely feel more comfortable than driving a manual car.

Before getting a manual or an automatic license, consider the various aspects of it carefully, as obtaining a manual license allows you to operate both manual and automatic. Getting an automatic license will not allow you to operate a manual transmission vehicle, and a lot of trucks and vans in the market today are fitted with a manual transmission.