Facts One Should Know About Static Caravan Insurance

Static Caravan Insurance

It is very essential to protect your investment if you own your static caravan. The static caravan is a fantastic way to enjoy the fresh air, finest weather and scenery. It becomes necessary that you make sure that your investment is protected by a clean static caravan insurance policy.

What is Static Caravan Insurance?

Static caravan insurance is insurance coverage used to protect your static caravan from damage or theft. In case of an accident, this insurance is beneficial to you if you are an owner of a caravan. It is better to protect your investment and take the best static caravan insurance policy. The coverage is really helpful and provides you with all of the cover that you need at an affordable price.

Do You Need a Static Caravan Insurance Policy?

Static caravan insurance is not cheap but it is essential to have some cover if something goes wrong. There are certain facts that one must know before going for insurance. Static caravan insurance is the same as the insurance we do for the valuables, buildings and furniture in the home. These can be damaged due to weather conditions. Insurance is covered for such natural calamities or accidental damage to the property or compensation for the stolen goods.

The policy determines the coverage you have taken and your specific needs. According to your financial situation, you can create an insurance policy and put the excess amount in the policy you are willing to. You can put your quotation according to your needs.

Static Caravan Insurance – New for old up to 20 years

All year round the caravan insurance policy is covered for your caravan. The insurance includes everything in the caravan like the fittings and fixtures, and types of equipment like cooker, refrigerator, micro oven, gas bottles, shower, canopy, steps, water heater, balcony, battery and generator. Be careful to include all the items in the caravan that you need to cover when deciding on the insurance amount. You have the liberty to select a new or old cover until the caravan is 20 years old. In case you select then ensure that you insure for the full replacement value of the nearest equivalent new model from the manufacturer and includes delivery and additional items that have been fitted in the caravan. Thus, you should ensure that the sum insured is proper to replace your caravan and the items associated with it. In case of loss, the insurer needs to replace the whole loss rather than repairing the caravan.

In case of loss or damage, market value cover is the settlement of a claim that is based on the second-hand value of the static holiday caravan. When you request a quotation you should establish or estimate the value of your caravan and items associated with it.

The Static Caravan Insurance policy covers the cost of removing the caravan to a competent repairer and includes the return to sire and reconnecting it to water and electricity services. Most of the minor repairs are done on the site. There is flexibility in setting the insurance amount as the different static caravan sites charge different amounts. You can find out more information online too.