How GMC Cars Keeps You Connected

GMC Cars Keeps You Connected

Today Smartphones have become more and more indispensable part of our life and the use of it is spreading increasingly in all sectors of life. The need to remain connected with your near and dear ones is becoming a basic requirement, and as a result the need scales up more when people are on the road and travelling long distances by car. Keeping people powered-up to stay connected while on the go is now the need of the hour. All the automakers today are on a mission to evolve a system that can ensure a proper charging system of the portable connectivity devices like the smartphones, tablets, PCs and so on. Till now charging cable were all messy and were easy to forget or getting misplaced. To resolve this issue GMC has taken a step forward to enable Wireless Charging feature, in their latest models that can charge the phones without a cord.

As described by the Carlsbad GMC dealer, here is a step by step guide on

How GMC Cars Keeps You Connected:

  • All you need is a Device-Specific adapter
  • Now you need to remove every kind of metal or magnetic objects from the charging pad.
  • Now keep the mobile device with its face up on that particular symbol you can find molded on the charging pad.
  • Once done, now shift the mobile device till you see a charging icon displayed on the IntelliLink screen. This icon is indicative of the fact that the mobile device is been rightly placed and is getting charged. If the symbol doesn’t get displayed, it means the positioning needs to be corrected. In that case wait for a couple of minutes and repeat all these actions once again.

The Science Behind

The principle that works behind the Wireless Charging feature in GMC cars is known as inductive charging. In other words, inductive charging is a system in which electricity gets passed through the magnetic fields without the help of a cable, a wire, or any other physical connection.

The charging surface is firmly integrated with the lid of the center console. Beneath that surface there lies a coil of wire through which the electricity is passed, and a small magnetic field is created. Hence when the mobile device is placed within this magnetic field, this coil reverts back to the field of electricity, that helps charging the device.

GMC 4G connectivity and Wi-Fi hotspot

As explained by the Carlsbad GMC dealership, finally, you need a good internet connection to stay connected. For this the GMC cars are now equipped with an in-vehicle 4G connectivity along with a Wi-Fi hotspot, supported with a corresponding data plan.

Summing Up

Whether you go driving alone or are with the entire family, right from emergency assistance to entertainment and other needs, remaining connected to the world really counts. GMC made sure that all its 2018 GMC vehicles that includes cars, SUVs, crossovers, trucks and vans are equipped with these made easy connectivity features that are seamlessly integrated into the latest GMC vehicles.