Auto Glass Tips: How To Deal With Glare During Night Driving

Glare During Night Driving

As everyone knows, night driving is significantly more dangerous the driving during the day. The lack of natural light can obscure a driver’s vision leading to slower reaction times and more accidents. What is even more troubling and dangerous is the distraction created by glaring lights. A bright glare that lasts a second too long can result in a life-threatening accident that could have easily been avoided.

To lessen the dangers of nighttime driving, here are some auto glass tips that can minimize glares:

Tip 1: Keep The Windshields Clean

Ask the experts in Fairfax glass repair and they will say that the most common reasons for a magnified glare at night are smudges and scratches on the windshield. While the smudges aren’t a big problem at night they are distracting when the sun sets. Keeping the windshields free from smudges can save your life.

Tip 2: Dim The Dashboard Lights

The brightness of the dashboard lights is straining to the eyes as they need to adjust frequently to see outside. Since there the conditions outside are low-light, don’t give your eyes more problems by dimming the inside lights, this way your eyes won’t easily feel too tired when driving at night.

Tip 3: Get Small Scratches Repaired

The windshield of the car goes through a lot of damage because it is constantly exposed to harsh external elements. A small rock or even a large insect that hits the windshield can cause scratches to form which intensifies nighttime glare and reducing vision. Get the Fairfax glass repair experts to check the state of your windshield and do some repairs as soon as possible.

The sooner small repairs are made, the longer your windshield can stay in excellent condition and ensure your safety on the road.

Tip 4: Adjust Mirrors Before Driving

Position the mirrors of your car at an angle where it will not reflect the lights of the car behind you directly at your eyes. It is very simple, but many drivers tend to forget about this tip and find that they are momentarily blinded by the harsh lights of the vehicle driving behind them. Check that all mirrors are adjusted, because even the passenger side mirror can reflect blinding light that will affect your vision.

Tip 5: Get Your Vision Checked

Sometimes the cause of the glare isn’t even coming from the car, it could be your own two eyes. If you have adjusted the mirrors, repaired all the scratches, and cleaned the windshield properly and still experience glares while driving, there might be something wrong with your eyes. Visit your doctor and get your eyes checked, you might need glasses. It is better to wear unfashionable glasses while driving than risking your safety on the road.

Drive Safely

When you feel too tired to drive and you are easily distracted, take a moment to rest. It is not worth it to push yourself to drive through the night only to get into an accident because you fell asleep at the wheel. Follow safe driving practices to ensure you do not put yourself or anyone else in harm’s way.

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