How technology is revolutionising BMW cars

technology is revolutionising BMW cars

BMW, which handles 31 million parts and produces about 10,000 vehicles every day, is increasingly relying on digitalisation and Industry 4.0 advances to help it organise its logistics more flexibly.

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Technology has always been a great suit for BMW cars. The employment of technologies such as autonomous transportation systems (ATS), robots, augmented reality (AR), and paperless systems by the manufacturer was extensively covered at a recent BMW press event near Munich to promote logistical advancements. Many of these have now progressed from the testing stage to serial manufacturing and operational use.

BMW Services, a cloud-based platform that coordinates autonomous transportation systems, supports some of the OEM’s latest technologies. Every autonomous transportation system, regardless of manufacturer, should be able to communicate data on the platform, according to the OEM. “BMW Services is around 80 percent complete, so we can now easily integrate all of our IoT devices into that environment,” he stated.

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Lets one by one look into some of the advanced tech used in BMW cars.

Enhancing outbound visibility

BMW’s ConnectedDrive technology is being used to connect all of its new vehicles to the Internet of Things (IoT) and enable remote software updates. Navigation is a key component of the OEM’s ConnectedDrive service, as the car’s internal SIM allows it to send GPS and speed data to a cloud server and get real-time traffic information based on the same data from phones in the area.

Advanced Tech Support and well connected relationships

BMW has 1,800 suppliers in over 4,000 sites worldwide. Vendors are now system developers and innovation partners, rather than just component suppliers, according to the OEM.

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The BMW Group can methodically adopt a “Power of Choice” approach that fulfils various customer expectations around the world. In 2020, the BMW X3 became the first vehicle to offer a choice of extremely efficient petrol and diesel engines, a plug-in hybrid system, and, in the BMW iX3, a pure electric drive train with fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology.

For many years, the BMW Group has been a pioneer in alternative drive technology. Aside from the BMW i3 and BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports cars, both introduced in 2013, the latest models with electrified drive trains, such as the pure electric MINI Cooper SE, the BMW iX3, 17 plug-in hybrid models, the BMW iX and BMW i4, all offer a unique combination of sustainability and driving pleasure. This system of abundant sustainability in BMW cars makes it the automobile giant it is now! Experience the heat through a first hand experience, check out used BMW car sales in India and grab the thrills.

The BMW Group’s sustainable mobility policy extends far beyond locally emission-free driving. Every vehicle’s environmental balance is examined and optimised in its totality, from material selection through production, and all the way through its service life to recyclability. To conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions, production relies solely on electricity derived from renewable energy sources. With that in mind, some people are drawn to the BMW brand not just because of their excellent cars, but also because of their healthy and advanced business practises.

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