Why Rent a Mobile Welfare Unit

Mobile Welfare Unit

Mobile welfare units are commonly used on construction sites and other places where work is being carried out. If you need to temporarily locate your clients on a remote site, you can rent mobile welfare units for their well-being. Welfare units are basically confined spaces with essential items for eating and upkeep. There are many different kinds of mobile welfare units that you can choose from. Some of the many features that are incorporated within mobile welfare units include:

  • Table and seating for a certain number of people
  • Appliances like microwaves and kettles
  • A dry room with a heater
  • A powerful generator
  • Electric wall heater

Mobile welfare units are generally preferred by most companies because they are affordable to rent and are easy to move around. Some of the best mobile welfare units in Manchester are available through private companies online. Here are a few reasons that you should rent one.


If you provide some essential facilities to your employees, it’s obviously going to boost morale among the workers. If workers have improved morale, they will work much better, as well.


As an employer, it’s important that you provide these essential units to your employees. These welfare units are towable, and all hydraulics and running gear are generally in working order, so they can be towed around. You can get rental quotes from different companies if you are interested in ordering mobile welfare units at affordable prices for use on a construction site.