Why Drivers Fail MOT Tests

Why Drivers Fail MOT Tests

No one likes to fail a test, especially if they need to pass in order to drive their car. The Ministry of Transportation makes it a law that all cars, three years and older, pass an MOT test. This test examines the drivability of a vehicle and ensures that motorists are driving safe cars. However, if you are not careful, you can fail a test if you forget something simple, such as topping up the screen wash.

Check the Following

When you prepare for an MOT test in Glasgow, make sure that you do the following:

  • Make sure that the horn is working on your car. Test it, but do not wake up the neighbours.
  • Check that the windscreen washers and wipers are operational.
  • Make sure that you top up the screen wash.
  • Inspect the rubber blades on the windscreen’s wipers. If they have loose strips or parts of rubber missing from the cleaning edge, you need to have the wipers replaced.
  • Look at the seat belts. If they appear frayed, you need to have them replaced.

Make Sure Your Lights Work

Those are just some of the items to examine before you take your car into a garage and have an MOT inspection performed. You also want to make sure that all your lights are working. Look at the headlamps and taillights, and even the boot light in your vehicle.

If you are taking your car in for its first MOT inspection, you will need an official V5C vehicle registration or log book. You can have the test performed at the local council test centre or by a mechanic who performs the inspections.