Why Do People Prefer to Drive an Automatic Gearbox Car?


There are many reasons why a motorist would prefer an auto gearbox car, and since their arrival in the 1970s, automatic gearboxes have enjoyed continued development, and are now more reliable than ever. The main reason for an auto preference is the ease with which you can operate the vehicle, as you do not have to depress the clutch pedal (there is no clutch pedal in an auto car), nor do you have to manually shift the gears.

  • City Driving– It is when driving in the city that you really appreciate automatic gear changing, and the car will move slowly forwards when the brake pedal is slightly released. Stopping on a hill, for example, requires a good level of co-ordination between the clutch and accelerator in a manual gearbox car, whereas, the auto is much easier to control. If your gearbox develops an issue, there is affordable gearbox reconditioning in Romford from an experienced specialist firm, and they can repair both manual and auto gearboxes.
  • More Economical– Driving an automatic car is more economical than a manual, as you can’t really be in the wrong gear at any given time, and if the engine’s rpm is lower, this results in less fuel being consumed. Auto cars are far more common now than ever before, and apart from high performance car drivers, most motorists will opt for an automatic gearbox when ordering a car.

While manually changing gears soon becomes second nature, once you’re driven an automatic car, you will appreciate how much easier it is.