What to Do in the Event your Car is Damaged in an Accident

Event your Car is Damaged in an Accident

While no one wants to be involved in a road traffic accident, they do occur on a regular basis, and despite taking extra care, it is possible to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the event your car is damaged in a road collision, here are some important points to bear in mind.

  • Do Not Move the Vehicle – If a third party driver accepts liability for the accident, then your car can be moved if it is obstructing traffic, but other than that, you should leave is exactly where it is. The level of damage might be severe and the car is in no condition to drive, which means you will need a tow truck to take it to the repair shop, and with the right repair outfit, they will take care of the logistics on your behalf, leaving you free to carry on with your daily routine. If, for example, a driver was looking for vehicle smash repair in Perth, an online search is the best way to source the right garage, and they would be able to handle the repairs in no time at all.
  • Check the Other Driver’s Insurance – If the accident was not your fault and another driver has admitted liability, then it’s just a question of the said driver calling his insurance company, who would send someone to the site of the accident. Once they have arrived, you should mention that you wish to nominate where the repairs will be carried out, as some insurers will use a repair shop that likes to cut corners, but it is actually your right to stipulate the company that will repair your vehicle, therefore you should exercise this right to ensure correct repairs, are in fact, carried out.
  • Contact the Authorities – It is likely that someone will call the police, but if not, the accident should be reported, and unless someone is injured, you don’t need to call in the emergency services, but the accident needs to be reported to the police. If it is a serious accident, they will be on site within a few minutes, and it is a good idea to do what you can to ensure the well-being of any injured parties and also to remove any obstructions from the road.
  • Take Pictures – Your smartphone will be invaluable should you ever be involved in a road traffic accident, and take as many images as you can of your vehicle and the crash site, which might come in handy at a later date. Obviously, you should exchange contact details with other parties, and also any witnesses that you think are relevant, and if anyone is injured, some images might be helpful, should there be any conflict over responsibility.
  • Contact a Car Repair Company – This is something you should do as soon as possible, especially if the vehicle is causing an obstruction, and it is always a good idea to be well-prepared by sourcing such a company prior to actually needing their services.

A simple Google search will help you to locate a car body repair shop, and hopefully, your vehicle will be promptly repaired and returned to its former glory.