Underscoring Some Thought-Provoking Facts about Automobiles the UK’s Used Car Market

Underscoring Some Thought-Provoking Facts about Automobiles the UK’s Used Car Market 1

For every new vehicle that is produced and sold in the UK, approximately 4.2 second-hand cars trade hands, which means that the demand for used cars is roughly four times higher than the demand for brand new vehicles.

As such, we’ve decided to feature some attention-grabbing information vis-à-vis automobiles and then describe how to find the best used cars in Bridlington.

Brushing Up on Your Automotive Trivia and General Knowledge

If you want to be able to reel-off some captivating facts about cars in front of your friends and family, take a second to memorise the bullet points shown below:

  • The person who invented cruise control was blind. It took Ralph Teetor a decade of research to develop the electronic speed-regulating system, and he settled on the term cruise control instead of his other favourite moniker, “Press-o-matic.”
  • An opinion survey asked 800 Britons how many parts they believe are in a typical vehicle, and the most frequent response was 5,000. However, the average car has 30,280 distinctive parts and components.
  • There are currently 31 million vehicles on UK roadways, and the median age of our cars is eight years.

You might also want to know that the most prevalent car colour on Earth is actually white, not silver, as many would lead you to believe.

The Top-Rated Used Car Merchant in Your Vicinity

If you’re ready to start shopping for a new automobile, be sure to visit a dealership that has a sole owner with at least 20 years of market experience.

This will guarantee an individualised experience, first-class customer service, and price match assurance for any other vehicle advertised in the area.

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