Toyota Clearance Prices Portal – A Perfect Dealer Cost Calculator


‘Only handful of Toyota car shoppers are aware that the amount of money a dealer pays the manufacture isn’t the same as the dealer invoice price. The dealer usually pays much lower money to the manufacture. Manufacturers usually provide special discounts, rebates as well as incentives to the car dealers. The special discounts are only applicable to the invoice prices. It is a great idea to be aware of actual cost of any Toyota car you are planning to buy. It is a great way of saving good money or avoiding to be ripped off when buying a car. The Toyota Clearance Prices portal is useful tool for calculating or finding out the costs for buying a car or finding useful information about Toyota cars buying guide. offer essential information about MSRP about different Toyota car models or additional items or options or packages offered by the manufacturer. Shoppers can also get valuable information of the invoice price of a specific Toyota car a deliver gets from the car manufacturer. In addition, shoppers can check the MSRP as well as invoice prices of different car models and get more information about the amount of money the dealer used to get the car from the manufacturer. The invoices prices, destination fees as well as destination fees of different latest Toyota car models can be found at

To get the total dealer cost, you need to add base invoice to destination fees and options fess and then deducting holdback fees. Holdback fees or charges simply refers to the amount of money given back to the dealer by the car manufacturer. This fee is a percentage of invoice price or MSRP. Car shoppers can determine or calculate the dealer cost based on the information available at Toyota Clearance Prices portal. In addition, car shoppers get invaluable information about dealer hold back as well as the effects of rebates on the budget.

It is easier to find out the dealer invoice price of different Toyota make as well as models by using The site takes destination fess, base invoice, manufacturer fees including options invoice into consideration. This will greatly help car shoppers in finding out true dealer cost. Car dealers’ main goal is to make profits and that is the reason why the holdback fees and incentives provided by manufacturers are important to them. Without them, dealers can’t possibly offer deals to buyers. For you to be a great automobile shopper, you need to be aware of the hold back fees and incentives as they will help you in determining the actual dealer cost. Some of the rebates offered by car manufacturers to dealers are cash rebates, marketing support money, low interest financing, special leases and many more. These rebates don’t trickle down to the consumers. By subtracting these incentives as well as rebates, shoppers can arrive at precise dealer cost. This will then help then know if they are getting a great deal or if they are being ripped off.