Time To Wash The Car

Time To Wash The Car

There is no time of year that you can forgo washing your vehicle. In the spring you have your pollen making your vehicle that lovely shade of yellow even tho it is actually black and do not forget the bugs.. Then there is your summer time with the mud, the rain that brings down dirt from the trees. The last two season are no better you have fall and winter both which give you even more mud and in winter if you have snow and ice one of the worst things for your vehicle salt and or brine solution that is used to clear the roadways. The last mention is very important to take care of, the salt can cause the underneath area to rust if not cleaned off thoroughly.

You may think to yourself who has time to wash all this off? There is a solution with a wide variety of places. The quickest is to take your vehicle into a car wash station, there are different types of these from the ones that are considered touchless to the ones that have high powered hose systems that you will need to get out of your car and spray the car down yourself. The last one on the list is auto detailing, generally you will drop your vehicle off and they will wash, wax, vacuum, shampoo your upholstery, and detail all the crevices in your vehicle.

The price for each kind of car wash is different most of the in bay ones cost average of six dollars and thirty four cents and then the do it yourself type can range between four to five dollars depending on where you live. The most expensive is generally the auto detailing and the prices can be based on the type of vehicle, passenger car vs and SUV. These tend to run between fifty dollars up to one hundred and twenty five dollars.
If you are in the area of Coachella do a search for a car wash Coachella Valley and you will find plenty of details regarding what you are looking for. The industry for car washing has grown with even some that do on site car washing also known as a mobile car detailing service. They will wash, wax, and detail your vehicle right at your residence. They generally bring along a high powered pressure wash system to get the job done as efficiently as possible along with their tools of the trade and cleaning solutions.

There have been songs and movies dedicated to car washing, so yes it is a chore that must be done but that doesn’t mean that it is all work and no play. In some area you can come across high schools doing a hand car wash to generate funds for an event or activity they have planned. There are even bikini car wash places that you can have your vehicle washed by a beautiful woman in a bikini, there are so many avenues that a person can choose from that choosing just one is going to be hard!