Seven Impressive 4x4s That’ll Seat Seven People

Seven Impressive 4x4s That’ll Seat Seven People

If you’re a go anywhere, do anything type of person, you want a car that’ll also go anywhere and do anything. Until a few years ago, there weren’t really all that many choices for those who are adventurers at heart. They usually had to make do with an estate car. Or they had to sacrifice seven seats for something a little more robust. But with the rise of the SUV, there’s never been a better time for adventurers. Now we’re spoiled for choice. Here are seven cars that’ll seat seven people and were made for adventuring.

Audi Q7

Audi has been in the business of four-wheel drive cars for as long as most of us can remember. And so it was inevitable that it would eventually make an SUV that would blow our socks off. And blow our socks off they have with the Q7. It marries Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive system with a comfortable air sprung suspension for a surreal ride.

Volvo XC90

In many ways, the Volvo XC90 is the SUV of the future. It’s got a fabulous in-car infotainment system and some of the most advanced safety features in the world. The new model of the car only came out last year, but it’s already making waves in the segment. New cars are very pricey. But second-hand versions have started showing up on sites like for around £48k.

Kia Sorento

Kia, the Korean carmaker, wants to be the world’s leading car manufacturer. And with the Kia Sorento, they’re making strides to do just that. No, it’s not as good looking as the XC90. But it comes with a host of off-road tech, fuel economy, and a seven-year warranty.

Land Rover Sport

Once upon a time, Land Rover was the only game in town. Not anymore. But that’s not to say that Land Rover has slipped up. In fact, all the competition seems to have made their cars better than ever before. This is a great option for large families living in both the town and the countryside.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai is very proud of the fact that their cars don’t cost much to buy and run. Though things can be a little cramped on the back two seats, the car delivers in all other areas. What’s more, it doesn’t really have the looks of an Asian budget SUV. It’s got more in common with the Q7 than the Sorento.


The X5 is one of the quickest 4x4s on the market right now. And, until the 2 Series Gran Tourer came along, it was the only seven-seater BMW. The standout feature of the car is its luxurious cabin, which is especially cavernous, making it great for off road getaways.

Mercedes GLS described the GLS has having a “pillowy ride.” And one would hope so in a car that is more than five metres long. The GLS comes with Mercedes usual panoply of electronic gadgets and gizmos to keep you safe. But prepare yourself for the cost: with add-ons, new cars quickly come in at more than £80k.