RV Or Not To RV. That Is The Question


Many people love camping and so it’s a natural progression to want to have more luxury and comfort when you want to travel around the great American, New Zealand or Australian outdoors. You have probably seen a friend or one of your neighbours in one and thought, I might try that. People in America have been RV-ing for years now and it has become increasingly popular and attendance at RV trade shows has also increased. RV’s, however, are expensive and thinking about buying one is a huge financial leap into the unknown. Renting an RV, however is a completely different ball game. It makes having an RV experience within your financial limits and thus much more affordable.

Making Choices.

If you can afford to buy, great, but remember this is a large piece of expensive equipment and having it sitting in your drive for a large part of the year just doesn’t make financial sense. There are the maintenance and upkeep to think about and remember this is pretty much a house on wheels. These things have everything you could possibly need inside and when you step into one, then it’s a home away from home. There’s a living area, kitchen, shower and bathroom and every appliance you could possibly need to go on a road trip, and with camper rental, there are additional options to make the trip even more comfortable.

Renting Is Best.

Renting an RV is the way to go, but where are there RV rentals near me, I hear you say. Well, there are RV rentals all around you, from San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the US of A, to six more locations in Zealand and seven in Australia. There are RV for rent places all around us, just get online and look for the RV rental company nearest you. Now that you know where to find your RV you need to consider what size you want. Many people just go for the biggest the first time they rent, but take your time, there are many different sizes to suit all tastes and all pockets.

Fully Loaded.

Many of these RV’s are some of the most beautiful vehicles you are ever likely to step into and you can choose a mini RV, like the Trailblazer or Wavefarer or go for something a little bigger to suit your taste. These mini RV’s have everything inside you will need like a fridge, stove and large beds that will accommodate four people. Five seat belts come as standard, the transmission is automatic and it has an engine size strong enough to take you almost anywhere. If it’s a little hot, there is actually cool air conditioning in the cabin itself and blinds if you need a bit of privacy.

It’s Easy And Fun.

Camper rentals have never been easier or more economical to do. You can rent long term or short term, you can pick the size of the vehicle you want, availability permitting, and just get out there and drive. Cruising down the highway with your family all there and taking in the scenery is a once in a lifetime experience and needs to be experienced by all. Look into renting an RV for your next family vacation, you won’t be disappointed.