Protection Guards for Cars

Protection Guards

Now-a-days buying a car is not so difficult even a common is interested in buying a car by taking loans, or second hand cars or at low cost. But after buying car the main issue is how should we maintain car protection and also its maintenance?

Protection means not to take insurance for cars, the mandatory thing we should do is to park the car in safe place near your home, and custom car covers should be used, so that it can be avoided from any damages, stain marks or radiations when you have parked cars.

Steps for Protecting Cars:

  • Should use custom car covers to protect from damages, scratches, animals dirt on it, from radiations, and also from heavy rains.
  • Not only our protection, but we should maintain proper coverings inside the car also like:
  1. Seat Coverings
  2. Floor mats
  3. Air Freshener, provides fresh air and helps to get rid of suffocations
  4. Front End covers
  • Should take proper care in car paints also, of which they should be firm and stain marks can be easily removed. Mostly many prefer double coating which gloss touch, from that car will be shining.

Materials in Car Coverings:

We may use any type of car coverings some are of high cost some may get at cheaper with cheap quality. But we should take proper care about the quality, which should be multi-purpose use in any type of weather conditions. Some will maintain separate coverings according to weather conditions.

Some of the important steps to be taken care in choosing material of car covers are:

  1. Water proof covers are used which are made of plastic fabric and will avoid from rains, they absorb rain water and protects car from water or may cause damage to car paint without using proper coverings.
  2. Water resistant covers, which prevents back off the water to air by moisture form. It is of light weight and very easy to take from car and place on car for covering it. But these are considered for short term use and this type of car covers should be covered tightly and must choose covers which fits for your car correctly, otherwise it may lead to damage your car paint if it is not covered tightly.
  3. Non-resistant water proof coverings, which are of pure cotton of general clothing. These are mostly preferable, but these cannot be used for cars which are parked in open areas for longer period. These are mostly preferred for cars which are parked in closed area like car sheds, cellar parking lots.

So without proper care for cars then, you would repeatedly effect for bearing car repairs which can be more expensive sometime. So it is better to maintain them with better quality of protective covers and should be maintained well.