Lexus ES 350 Combines Sophistication With Luxury And Performance

The Lexus ES 350 is engineered to stand out even from other Lexus sedan models that are on the market today. The 3.5-liter V6 engine outputs 272 horsepower and 254 lb-ft of torque. The six-speed sequential-shift automatic transmission was designed to give you a smooth and confident ride. This 5-passenger luxury sedan was built with the comfort and relaxation of each passenger in mind. The exterior design was engineered with aerodynamics in mind to enhance high-speed ride quality, reduce wind noise while also reducing fuel usage. A special cover is mounted underneath the engine to help reduce front-end lift as the vehicle car cover.

Lexus spent extra time thinking of ways to make this model sedan even more unique and they began with adding some very unique and showy exterior colors. Three colors out of the ten available color choices do nothing more than adds to this models unique body style and contour lines. Blue Onyx Pearl, Aquamarine Pearl and Amber Pearl were chosen to put the ES 350 in a league of its own. Three interior color options that you can choose to have with a perforated or smooth finish. The panorama glass roof is a first for Lexus and gives the vehicle twin skylights with a full-length glass roofline making all trips very enjoyable for passengers. Integrated fog lamps are included with function as well as appearance in mind. They give the vehicle an extra visibility during foggy conditions but also add to the unique look of the ES 350.

Lexus ES 350 models also include some top of the line safety features including the availability of ten airbags depending on the severity of the accident; vehicle stability control and traction control which uses sensors to determine slippery surfaces and any lateral slips of the tires; pre-collision system that uses radar sensors that continuously measure the distance and closing speed of the vehicle traveling directly ahead of you to prevent accidents or prepare the vehicle in case an accident is unavoidable. These and many more safety inclusions have been installed for your protection and that of your precious cargo. You can never be safe enough but Lexus wants you to have extra peace of mind when conditions are worse than expected.

The inclusive warranty is included for your convenience with your car and its long-term use in mind. A new car is a big investment and having the best technology and backup plan available is by far the most appealing aspect of the Lexus ES 350. Lexus wants to ensure that you get your money’s worth and many years of satisfaction from your new car. The staff and service technicians are there for any preventive or sudden maintenance needs you may encounter as well as any upgrades you wish to add to this already very complete vehicle. The unpredictable can happen anytime and knowing that your Lexus car will be well taken care of and returned in top quality condition is by far the most important gift Lexus can give its new Lexus owners.

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Lexus makes some incredible automobiles. However, every Lexus on the road today is just one problem away from needing expensive repairs. If your Lexus vehicle is not under warranty, you could be forced to pay thousands of dollars to repair your vehicle. Don’t take any chances – get an extended warranty for your Lexus today to protect your car or truck.

Lexus has produced millions of excellent vehicles over the years. However, with all of the recent major automobile recalls, every driver needs to be protected from expensive repair costs. Just one problem with your Lexus can cost you thousands of dollars! The best way to protect yourself is by getting an extended warranty for your vehicle that covers all required repairs. A Lexus extended warranty is currently available for these models (and many others): ES 300, ES 350, IS 250, IS 350, GS 460, RX 300, RX 350, SC 430 & LX 570.

In the years since its inception, Lexus has distinguished itself over and over in quality & reliability surveys. The Lexus brand may not offer as much passion or excitement as its European rivals, but for drivers interested in vehicles that emphasize dependability and comfort, the Lexus marque is impossible to beat. Lexus has earned a well deserved reputation for turning out delightfully refined luxury vehicles.

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Mercedes, Ford, Lexus, Or Chevy – They All Require Car Maintenance

Getting out of debt and lowering your bills when you have a vehicle that is unreliable can be very frustrating. Regardless if you own a Mercedes, Ford, Lexus, or Chevy, proper maintenance of your car will ensure a longer life of your car. If you’re in debt, perhaps a way to get out of debt is to drive a car that is reliable even if it isn’t as luxurious as the car you currently own.

The other day while I was filling my gas tank, a man at the cash register was paying for coolant for his vehicle. He clearly was troubled by the $11.24 ticket item as he became flustered and asked his friend to loan him the money. I could relate to not wanting to use a credit card and never having enough cash to cover car care costs. As I exited the gas station, the same man and his friend were adding coolant to what appeared to be a newer model Mercedes-Benz. I don’t claim to know how much car payments for such a vehicle might be, but whatever they are, I just can’t ever imagine making those payments if it meant having to borrow any more money.

When I was in debt and trying to lower my bills, I would reach a point where I felt I had a little breathing space and inevitably my car would need a muffler, brakes, alternator or other servicing. These types of surprises were never welcomed. In fact, I remember a few occasions when I reached for my credit card to pay these bills. Fortunately, my mechanic at the time had mercy on me. I was able to arrange a payment plan with him, but still, it was money I hadn’t planned on spending. I quickly learned that I had better start setting money aside every paycheck for car maintenance. I wasn’t in a position to buy a new car anytime soon, and I couldn’t continue on this path.

I ended up having to take on some part-time work to make ends meet. I was exhausted from my full-time job, but had these dreaded car problems that were costing me money. I met a lawyer through a colleague who needed to generate more business and asked if I could create a direct mail campaign for him. I was to write the letter, stuff the envelopes, mail them, etc. It was a short-term gig, which was just what I needed!

After a month of licking envelopes, I finished paying off the muffler and began setting aside $20 per paycheck for car maintenance. It was a slow process. I didn’t think I was ever going to get ahead at this pace. Working part-time, even on a temporary basis, was sometimes necessary for me to make ends meet. If I didn’t work the extra odd-jobs, I imagine it would have taken me another two or three years to get out of debt.

A few times a month I listen to Car Talk, a funny talk radio program. People call in with their not-so-funny car problems. The callers do their best to mimic the sounds their cars are making while the hosts, two brothers who are mechanics, analyze what could be going on. Based on the return calls, their advice seems to be working! You can go to their website to listen to their program, Car Talk, or find out what radio station in your city airs their program. On their website, you are able to submit your questions to their message boards, too! You’ll probably see a few postings from me as well. They’ve created a great service for people like me who don’t care to truly understand cars, but want to save on mechanic-diagnostic costs and plan for upcoming expenses.

I sold the old Ford Tempo, and have a different car now. I will probably try to hold onto it for another five years, but I wish it got better gas mileage. All I really need these days is something that gets me from point A to point B.

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Review of the Lexus CT200h

To start let’s look at this new Lexus as a car and not a hybrid. Why? Well for 2011 Malaysians, especially urban city dwellers, the hybrid ownership proposition has moved up a few notches due to the exclusion of import tax on hybrid vehicles below 2-litre engine capacity for the 2011 financial year. This has reduced the price of hybrid cars by some 30-35% for 2011. This has allowed Lexus to sell the new CT200h from just RM 167,000.00. Lexus’s sister company, Toyota has also managed to bring down the price of their world popular Prius hybrid to just RM 139,000.00. Now on an average day we can see at least 1 hybrid or 2 on Klang Valley roads in daily commute. In my neighborhood in Petaling Jaya alone the sightings are even higher at 5-6 hybrids a day.

We are testing the Lexus CT200h here and we want to bring you first its review as a ‘CAR’ as most buyers have looked at it as more a car than an environmental friendly vehicle. This is because its selling price allows many middle class Malaysians to own a luxury product which SHOULD be selling for near RM 230,000 plus. Therefore it is an alternative to the popular VW Golf TSI and Mazda3 Sport which costs just a smidgen lower. Both the golf TSI and Mazda3 are sexy well-built and stylish family hatchbacks, but the Lexus CT200h is also a sexy looking 5-door hatchback. It shares a similar nose to the Lexus IS250 and most of the interior bits. A flat squared off rear deck makes for a hatchback. It comes with 16-inch alloys, low profile tires, xenon lamps,, LED lamps and a contoured lower side sill that give it a perpetual body kit. It sits quite low on the ground with a hunkered down look and has a very sporty stance from all angles.

Stepping inside Lexus CT200h is easy as it has a keyless Go system with a car key in my pocket all three days never leaving the warmth of my inner pocket. Click the door handle to open and lock the car and the stop start ignition works with a quick fast click. The cabin is a leather filled cabin with good panel fit and finish but the lack of high quality plastics on the door grab handles and roof pockets leaves us disappointed with whole Lexus experience. Many plastic bits in the cabin have been borrowed from Toyota. Front seats are comfortable and the driver gets an electric seat with 3 memory positions. Rear passengers get 3 headrests but legroom is tight with the seat bottoms covering the hybrid battery pack. The dashboard is a kid’s a delight as it lights up like a Christmas tree with 2 in dash colour schemes. ‘Blue’ for ‘Eco’ mode and ‘Red’ for sports mode. Just a twist of a knob and the whole drive experience changes. The gear shifter is a small little toggle which looks more at home in a Starship or a game console.

Like the Prius, the car starts initially using the battery only and there is an eerie silence for newbies to the hybrid world. Move along slowly and the CT200h will still run on battery mode and as the battery gets used up the engine starts up to keep its momentum. As you drive like any normal car, which is the right way to drive this car, the engine will switch on and off alternating with the battery to get the best possible fuel mileage for you. Under hard acceleration both the petrol engine and battery pack will work together to provide near 2.4-litre engine performance (similar to the Camry 2.4 but in a lighter shell). Move in heavy traffic in the city and the battery works most of the time sipping negligible fuel as the petrol engine kicks in just to charge the battery when needed. This is where the real savings of the CT200h shows as Klang Valley city traffic is mostly done in creeping mode under battery power.

The 9-speaker stereo is very decent sounding and there is a CD tray, USB connector and Ipod connectivity. Bluetooth phone connectivity works with your phone for hands free driving and there is little else you will need after buying Lexus CT200h.

So, how much fuel can this car save you? Well if driven in the daily Klang Valley traffic to and fro work and the usual weekend shopping spree with the family, look at a possible 15-20% savings on fuel. Drive it hard and fast in ‘Sports’ mode and don’t expect much savings. But after all that has been said, the purchase proposition is really a no brainer as the ‘subsidized’ selling price just makes it very hard to ignore as long as you can afford the monthly payments. With a good loan package, middle class Malaysians can now enjoy luxury motoring whilst being eco-friendly.

Volkswagen Malaysia has applied an exclusive mixture of automation and human skill in a system so effective that each new VW Scirocco car, with countless feasible style variations, is often created to fulfill each customer’s individual choices.

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