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JK Tyres is a popular tyre brand, which is also one of the highly preferred brands in India. With its presence in 6 continents, the company manufactures a wide range of four-wheeler tyres and is one of the top brands for producing radial tyres in India. The company has its manufacturing units in some of the major states in India like Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In 2016, it became the first Indian tyre company to produce 10 million radial tyres for trucks and buses in India. At present, JK Tyres is a supplier of a wide range of tyre options for all the industrial and mining segments across 100 countries all around the world.

Another reason for which JK Tyres has gained a lot of popularity is by manufacturing the country’s largest off-the-road-tyre 40.00-57 VEM 045. After manufacturing this JK also entered the Lima Book of records for producing India’s largest off-the-road-tyre.

The 40.00-57 VEM 045 Tyre was launched in 2014, with a height of 12 ft. and a weight of around 3.4 tons. The development of this tyre has been done specifically for the country’s biggest rigid dump truck that has a payload limit of as much as 240 tons, was said by the organization in a release.

Let’s look at some of the features of this tyre:

  • The tread pattern of this tyre has been developed using high-end computational simulations
  • The tyre is equipped with a new age SILICA based dual tread compoun
  • It is made with the help of a strong nylon construction with a super strong bead construction
  • There is connecting reinforcement at the bottom of the shoulder region

Let’s look at the benefits of this tyre:

  • The tyre provides excellent traction and contact pressure distribution
  • It is cut resistant and stays relatively cool while running
  • The casing strength of the tyre is good and is reliability while carrying a heavy load
  • There is Lesser heat production due to less flexing of lugs

This tyre is available in two sizes:

  • 00-33 40PR IND 4 TL
  • 00-25 32PR IND 3 TL

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