How to Prepare your Car for the MOT Test

MOT Test

As you probably know, any car that is older than 3 years must have an MOT test. This annual inspection ensures that the vehicle is roadworthy, and if your car is soon to be MOT tested, here are the things you need to look at prior to the test.

  • Tyres – The tread must have a minimum depth of 1.6mm, while the tyre walls must be free of bulges or tears. The tyres must also be correctly inflated.
  • Brakes – The car will be driven ono a special drum roller drive, where the vehicle’s brakes can be tested. The handbrake is also checked, so it must be in good working order, and with the best MOT testing in Bromsgrove, your car will pass with flying colours.
  • Steering and Suspension – The test mechanic would check the steering and suspension.
  • Windscreen, Wipers and Screen Washer – The windscreen is checked for cracks or splits, while the wiper blades are also inspected for wear and tear. Don’t forget to top up the washer bottle, as the car will fail is there’s no water in the washer bottle.
  • Seatbelts – Check that the seatbelts work and are not overly worn.
  • Lights (Front & Rear) – The test includes checking the front and back lights, the indicators and the brake lights, along with a check to see that the rear reflectors are in place.
  • Mirrors – This includes the rear view mirror and both wing mirrors.

The test technician would also closely inspect the bodywork, looking for excess rust and any sharp metal that might pose a danger to a pedestrian.