Holiday Driving tips from Mazda


Travelling by road has its own charm as that gives incomparable freedom to explore the nook and corners, which we would have never got to experience. As the holidays get declared, we all wait with a pounding heart and to visit the best possible places and before the actual holiday starts, we are already done with a mental packing and then the countdown begins. Though holidays are meant to enjoy freedom from strict regulations, to make it a successful and enjoyable trip till you reach back home, following some rules and regulations become indispensable.

Here are few such driving tips shared by the experts from the Phoenix Mazda following which the holiday trip would go smooth and stuffed with fun.

Vehicle Inspection

If you have decided the number of people joining the trip, now it is time to select the vehicle that would have enough room to accommodate each of them without any adjustment along with their luggage. This is necessary, as in long distance drives, people need to stretch and relax at times, and the car should be able to provide that.

Check out every part of your vehicle if it is working properly. If possible hire a mechanic to get things done professionally without any loopholes. Things to check with special care are listed below:

  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Headlights
  • Seat belts,
  • Hoses
  • Fluid levels
  • Electricals

Selecting Destination and Planning the Route

Once you decide to go for a holiday trip, the first thing is choosing the destination and then the route that is safest to explore and could reach you safe. This route planning is necessary much ahead of time, as it would give you an idea to prepare your journey in a more organized way. Checking out the alternative routes are equally important as well as the connectors and diversions so that your journey continues even if one of the routes doesn’t remain accessible at that point of time.

Being Prepared for the Weather Variations

As shared by the Mazda Phoenix dealer experts, the most common phenomenon observed about holidays is that, you start the journey with the preparation for a kind of weather, but on the way, the scenario changes and you are left with very little choice to cope with it. For example, it could be warm or cold when you started, but the weather flips after some time and all your packing goes waste. Same with sunny and rainy days. So, be well prepared in advance for every kind of weather changes and keep things ready like umbrella, raincoat, a pair of body warmers, depending upon the season you choose to go for the trip.

Start Afresh and Ride Afresh

The basic safety measure during road trip is staying afresh whenever you are moving. If anyone gets sleepy, it would contagiously affect the driver which is dangerous. So, make sure to get proper sleep before you start. Do not drive continuously for more than three hours at a stretch. Do not hesitate to take snacks and coffee breaks in between. Stay afresh and awake till you reach the doorstep of your destination.