Hero Mastero Edge 125 Launch in October 2018 1

One of the major reasons why people love motorbikes is the thrill that comes with them. Apart from the thrill and excitement, other reasons which make riding a motorbike so cool is the fact that motorbikes are cheaper than cars and they also utilize fuel efficiently. With a motorbike, you can be sure to stay on your budget.

There are numerous models of motorbikes on the market, but out of all these models, Hero Mastero Edge 125 is among the best. Among the many good quality of Hero bikes is the price. Hero bikes price is usually very affordable and the Hero Mastero Edge 125 is no different. The motorbike is set to be released in October this year (2018), but before its launch, let’s look at some of its features that make this motorbike worth waiting for.


Its speedometer is analogue while the odometer is digital. A speedometer is a gauge that displays and measures the speed of a vehicle, and in this case, the speed of the motorbike. Their usage can be traced back to the 1900s. On the other hand, the odometer, also known as an adograph, is an instrument that is used to measure the distance that is covered by vehicles. It can be mechanical, electrical or a combination of the two.

The tripmeter is digital, it has an indicator and a shutter lock. In addition, it has a remote key opening, mobile charging port, and external fuel filling.

However, the bike does not have a passenger backrest, no step-up seat or a digital clock. It also does not have the traction control, cruise control, and navigation. Nevertheless, it has a passenger footrest which ensures the passenger’s comfort.

The motor bike from Hero comes with a standard warranty of 5 years.

Tips on taking care of your motor bike

If Hero Mastero Edge 125 is going to be your first motor bike, you definitely need to know how to take care of it, below are tips on how you can take care of it and ensure that it stays in top shape. The tips will also apply if you have owned a bike previously but you want to be a better bike owner.

Keep it clean

One thing you can do for your bike to ensure that it stays at top shape is by keeping it clean. Even though keeping your bike clean may be tedious, it will go a long way in ensuring your bike functions properly. Furthermore, you don’t need any fancy cleaning kit, you only need to have a bucket of soapy water, an old toothbrush and a sponge and you are set.

Check the tires

Before starting your journey, always make sure that you check the tread and the pressure of your tires so as to make sure that there are no cracks, holes or tears that may put you in danger.


The Hero Mastero Edge 125 is an awesome motorbike. Apart from the many unique features, tis bike does not disappoint when it comes to its look. It is so attractive and comes in color red and blue.

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