Finding Parts for a Rotary Engine

Finding Parts for a Rotary Engine

Mazda makes some of the most innovative vehicles to come out of the Japanese car market in years. Beginning in the 1960s, Mazda began producing vehicles with a wankel rotary engine. This engine is designed very differently from the standard internal combustion engine. In a standard internal combustion engine, pistons move up and down inside of cylinders. Fuel is injected into the cylinder and then spark plugs ignite the fuel. The force of the explosion pushes the cylinder downwards. That causes it to turn a crankshaft. As more cylinders explode, the crankshaft continues turning; that turns the engine. A lot of energy is lost this way. In a wankel rotary engine, the force of the internal combustion turns the engine’s moving parts in the same direction as the crankshaft. Since the force does not have to be redirected, less energy is lost. There are some unique problems with a wankel rotary engine. One of the most unique challenges is that the engine is not commonly used in many vehicles.

Hard-to-Find Parts

Since only a few production vehicles use rotary engines and the RX-8 is Mazda’s only current rotary engine model, it can be difficult to find parts for the vehicle. If you need to find Mazda parts in Perth, you need to search for them from a team that specialises in producing Mazda parts. It can be very difficult to find the right parts for a rotary engine. Even if you find them from somewhere that does not specialise in Mazda items, it could be difficult to find more parts in the future. If you choose a specialist, you will know that they are a reliable source of quality parts.

Older Parts

For a long time, Mazda has been the largest producer of production model rotary engines. This means that they do not have many aftermarket or OEM parts. If you need original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts for an older Mazda, you need to go to a Mazda specialist. They will likely have the parts that you need. Even if they don’t have the specific parts you need, they will likely know where to get them. Parts that come into suppliers often come from large factories or older production companies. This means that the suppliers will know where to find the parts you need even if they don’t currently have them in stock.


The wankel rotary engine is most known for burning a lot of oil. This means that it will produce burnt oil that sticks to different parts of the engine. Because of that, the parts for a rotary engine and the oil as well are often specifically designed for that engine. You need to make sure that you are finding specific parts designed specifically for your vehicle. Don’t trust just any aftermarket parts.