Essential Guide To Buying & Using Vehicle Tyres

Using Vehicle Tyres

Tyres are the most important part of your vehicle, after all it’s the only connection that the car has with a road. There are many factors and elements that determine what make good, safe, and legal tyres. When choosing tyres for your vehicle make sure that you take your pick from the best. Pirelli tyres are among the best in the UAE, preferred for their premium quality and affordable price. If you’re looking for more information on different types of tyres and what things to consider when you make your purchase, then read on.

Basic Structure of Tyres

At a glance they appear to be big round donuts that take your vehicle from one place to the other. In reality tires’ structure is quite complex, consisting of five main components that include tread, side wall, body ply, bead, and belt. Tread quality plays a very important role in determining the life of a tyre, as it’s the part that is in direct contact with the road. The rubber component of the tyre is called side wall, area between the bead and tread. The height of the side wall determines driving quality – the taller it is, more comfortable the ride, lesser bumps, and increased road grip. Body ply is known as the skeleton of the tyre and made up of artificial fibers like rayon and polyester. Bead is designed in a way that it gives a firm grip to the wheel and comprises of steel loop made from fine steel wires. This makes the bead extremely strong.

Numbers & Tyre Sizing

All road tyres in the UAE come with standardized sets of number that determine the size of tyre. Most passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs come with tyres that have Euro-Metric or P-Metric written on them. There are numbers and indicators on the side wall that tell about the size. The first letters, for example “P” stands for Passenger Vehicle Tire, “LT” means Light Truck Tire, and “ST” stands for Special Trailer. The 3-digit numbers that follow the letter are the tyre’s width. The 2-digit aspect ratio following this determines how tall the side wall is. The single letter in the sequence tells the construction type, whether it is radial, bias-constructed tyre, or F for run-flat tyres. Wheel diameter and load index come next in the sequence, latter indicating how much weight a tyre can support.

Different Types of Tyres

Living in the UAE, explore different tires Dubai options, taking your pick from tires that best meet your requirements. In Dubai most vehicle owners go for either all-weather or summer tyres, keeping in mind the dry heat. Pirelli summer tyres provide an incredible driving experience and all the safety you need. Pirelli’s summer tyres are designed for excellent road grip, lower rolling resistance, and shorter braking distance. If you’re not sure about the kind of tyres you need, consult professionals at Dubai Tyre Shop who will help you every step of the way.