7 major questions to ask while buying used car


Buying a used car needs little much research compared to new car. The used car research does not get into vein. It needs extra effort to be induced which will result in huge money saving. The research will result with certain number of questions to get clear idea. The 7 top ideas to check through before buying are

1.What the car mileage and the condition?

When planning to buy a used car, mileage is the pivotal fact to consider. It means a lot about its working. The usage of car can be measured with mileage. AS the engine has life only up to a mileage limit. Engine life can be partially measured with the mileage report.

2.Was the car parts replaced or updated after purchase?

After purchase, if the owner replaced any parts there is some issue with the car. It may mean that car has met with any kind of accident or damage while using. This means a lot in negotiation. So before getting to next step, people should be updated about the part replacement or updates.

3.Is the car available for test drive?

Car should be bought after checking its working conditions. Working condition can be identified through test drive applicability. The values are determined in the limited time scope. AS you test drive the car, more values are understood in short period of time.

4.Does the car have winter tires?

Winter tires are the crucial one based on the climate condition. It should be chosen according to number of preferences. Either way can help in determining the information updates and its budget operations.

5.What is the reason for car selling?

If a car is for sale, owner should have a reason. That reason will help in understanding the worth of the car. It helps in the complete info gathering in short period of time. The reason should be convincing with valuable reason.

6.Was the car serviced regularly with proper service record?

Car services are the maintenance factor that helps in keeping engine in good condition. The health condition can be realized through number of action and service maintenance is the crucial factor. The regular service record means the number of budget friendly operations of the engine.

7.Does the car have vehicle history report?

Once you have contemplated many info regarding car history, there are various other questions gets in the line. Those can be understood through vehicle history report and its worth along information gathering. The questions are given answers through this document.


When each of the questions is answered, process of buying a used car becomes easier. The used cars in phoenix help in making the right choice in faster execution period.