5 Reasons Renting A Car Makes Sense


Renting a car in London has never been easier, yet people still don’t take advantage of this wonderful service. All kinds of vehicles are available, from compact cars, saloon and estate cars, people carriers and prestige cars. They are all available and are surprisingly affordable. You might have your own car, but do you really want to put those extra miles up on it, or risk it breaking down far from home, and you have to get roadside assistance, which is not cheap. You really should consider renting a vehicle and here are a few reasons you should.

  1. Depreciation – When you buy your own car, this investment begins to lose money the moment you drive it out of the showroom. This car has to be paid for, even if it is just sitting in your driveway doing nothing. You are paying for it twenty four hours a day, for every week throughout the year. It is depreciating in value while you are reading this article and will continue to depreciate, after you are finished. When you consider renting a car, you only pay for it the times you are using it. When you are finished, you just leave it back.
  2. Cuts Costs – Renting dramatically cuts the cost of motoring. When you rent, you are not paying the road tax, you are not putting it through the MOT, and you are not paying for the insurance. You also don’t have to maintain it, put new tyres, and give it a clean when it needs it. This is all done for you, when you rent a vehicle from a reputable rental company.
  3. Treat Yourself – Sometimes we just want to treat ourselves, after all, you do deserve it. There is no better feeling than driving a car with that new car smell. Very few of us can afford to change our vehicles every year, but it doesn’t stop us wanting to try the latest model. Maybe you drive an R-class Mercedes but you would love to take the new model for the day. This is possible due to the availability of Mercedes V Class rentals in London and you can be driving this magnificent vehicle today.
  4. Environmentally Friendly – If you are an eco-friendly type of person, then it makes sense to rent a vehicle, that is usually quite new and is serviced on a very regular basis. These new vehicles like the V Class mentioned above, produce CO2 levels, that are well below the average car being driven around the city of London. It offers supreme comfort, reliability and elegance, as well as being kinder to Mother Nature. Maybe you should leave your older car at home and do your bit for the environment.
  5. Properly Test Drive – As mentioned before, maybe you want to test out the new model , but the people in the showroom will only allow you ten minutes, and they insist that they come with you. Renting a car is the ultimate test drive, as you can hire your vehicle of choice for the whole day, which allows you to make a very informed decision about whether you want to buy this car or not. It’s a big decision to buy a new car and you want to get it right.

Renting a vehicle is definitely the right choice. You save money by cutting the costs of motoring and you get to drive the top of the range cars. Look into renting a car for your next business or family trip.