5 Basic Customization to Consider for Your Ride


Everyone wants to personalize their vehicle. For many this just means’ car seat covers, stickers or personalized license plates. But for others, this means specialized motor parts, paint jobs, and body parts. There is so much to take into consideration when you begin customizing a vehicle. The type of vehicle you have will be the largest determining factor there is. You wouldn’t want to add a roll cage to a classic or to a convertible. Knowing what you want is important. Chances are if you go to a shop not know exactly what you want they are going to talk you into getting more than you actually wanted. Here are 5 basic changes that can be done to just about any vehicle.

Paint. The first thing most people think of when you talk customization is paint. A paint job for you vehicle can really make it stand out. Whether it stands out in a good or bad way is all on you.  Besides changing the color you can have detailed pinstripes add of even some graphics.

Stereo Systems. Changing out your stereo system is just as classic of a choice as paint job. There are hundreds of different types of systems available for your ride. Choosing the right one for you is important. Speakers go right along with your stereo system. Your speakers are what you will hear day in and day out.s

Custom Upholstery. Custom Upholstery can really make a statement. You can change the color, the texture, and even put a design on them if you want.

Engine Upgrades. Upgrading your engine is all about power. Upgrades increase your power which increases your acceleration. These upgrades can lead to your car running faster and taking corners tighter.

Tire. Changing out the tire and rims can really alter your car’s weight, acceleration, and stability. Your car is your only connection to the road. You want a bigger tire than the market tire to increase your speed and stability.

Your car is now looking its best. You’ve brought the best parts, gotten the sweet paint job, and you have been spending time washing and waxing your car. But are you sure are looking your best to go cruising in your car? Why not go in and get some botox. Get rid of the wrinkles and age line. Groupon.com offers discounts for botox in the Philadelphia area.