3 Great Reasons Why You Should Dispose Of Your Old Car At The Local Recycling Company.

Auto parts dismantling yard.
Crashed car and auto parts in a dismantling yard.

In Australia, we love our cars and we rely on them heavily to get us to work and back, to get the kids to school and to get us to the local supermarket for our weekly shop. We tend to hold on to our cars for a long number of years and it’s only when we turn the key one morning and the engine won’t turn over, that we decide that maybe it’s time for a new one. This older one has begun to cost you more money fixing it that it is worth and now it’s time to send it home to your local recycling company.

You may ask yourself, ‘where is that I can find an auto recycling company in Perth?but if you look around on the internet, you may find that there is one right there in your neighbourhood. These recycling companies are great for a number of reasons.

  1. Your old and beloved car is treated well and is stripped down to its bare parts, so that they may be recycled again. This is the kindest thing to do for the environment and is the right thing to do.
  2. Once they strip down the car, any parts that can be used again and kept and offered for resale. This reduces your environmental footprint as new parts do not have to be made.
  1. Any fluids that remain in the car are carefully drained and stored, to ensure that they cannot enter the water table and pollute the water that we drink.

Your local auto recycling company is doing its bit for the environment, so bring your old car to them.